Line Care and Maintenance

Thank you for purchasing the latest generation of Carron Jetstream Lines.

Each Carron Jetstream line is perfectly balanced ensuring smooth and consistent presentation. This is turn allows you to concentrate on catching fish.

Carron Jetstream fly lines haveĀ  achieved worldwide recognition and acclaim within today’s angling communities.

We, at Carron, continually strive to achieve the perfect fly line for an given angling or casting situation.

We are committed to providing the highest quality range of products and accessories for the most discerning angler.

All Carron Jetstream lines carry a one year guarantee*

*Subject to our discretion



Your new Carron fly lines is strong yet supple and will require very little maintenance.

We would like to recommend that you follow a few simple guidelines that will prolong the life of your line and protect its performance.

Before Use:

  • Gently pre-stretch the line to alleviate any twist or curl, especially if the line has been stored on a reel.
  • Run a damp cloth along the length of the line to remove any particles of dust that may have accumulated during its storage.

During Use:

  • Whilst fishing your line may attract small particles of algae and this, over time, may affect the performance of your Jetstream line. It is important therefore, that you should clean your line occasionally with a solution of milk soap and luke-warm water. The line can then be re-coated with a sparing application of Carron Line Dressing manufactured especially for the Jetstream range