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Carron Bespoke Fly Rods

James Chalmers receives the prestigous CLA manufacturers trophy on behalf of Carron Rod & Case Company

Carron, winners of the CLA Manufacturers trophy for fly rods, 2001, 2006, 2008, 2010 & 2011.



Carron Rod and Case Company have been winning awards at a variety of casting competitions throughout the world since 2001.

Carron rods have helped create World Champions and set new World Records, within the discipline of Distance Spey casting in a variety of world recognised venues and championships.

The latest World Record was created on 24th July 2011 in the CLA Gamefair finals held at Blenheim Palace, with a magnificent cast of 70.63 metres for Gerard Downey of Carron.

A milestone in distance casting, cementing Carrons’ reputation for building the finest distance casting fly rods.


Raising the standard

Competition rod in actionOur fifteen, sixteen and eighteen foot Competition Rods have consistently raised the standard in this wonderful sport

With the vast knowledge and experience gained through this medium we have been able to pinpoint the specialist performance characteristics and rod profiling advantages that are required to produce a superb fishing rod.

Built with quality materials

Pewter end cap protectorsEvery Carron rod is handcrafted in the United Kingdom, using the finest quality materials available:

  • Custom rods from 13" to 20"
  • Choice of 3 or 4 sections
  • Aircraft quality carbon
  • Pewter end cap protectors

The client wish list now includes, rods ranging from thirteen to twenty foot in length and presented in either three or four sections.

Every Carron rod blank is rolled from the finest quality carbon synonymous with the aircraft industry, then hand finished to the highest standard. Couple this with alignment marks for ease of assembly and insurance that the joints are always perfectly straight - to the Pewter end cap ferrule protectors which also provide protection from sand or grit when the rod is stored in its sleeve.

Handle and reel fittings

Reel fittings Carron rods are finished with the finest Portuguese super grade cork for the construction of a superb slim line handle. Match this with a hand engineered Carron reel fitting with double down locking security which ensures that your reels will not loosen and finished with a graphite insert. The Carron reel fitting is specifically designed to be capable of taking a multiple choice of reels including many of the largest classic reels.


PersonalisationTweed sleeveEach Carron rod is personalised bearing your name and individual number which is then logged in the Carron register.

We then complete the purchase with a personalised exclusive Carron tweed rod sleeve to match your rod.

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