About Us

Set in the heart of Speyside – surrounded by famous whisky distilleries and world renown shortbread bakers

….. lies the Carron beat of the river Spey – a river most famous the world over for its superb salmon fishing.

We acquired this beat in 1998 – and to celebrate – we felt we needed the very best of traditional salmon fishing equipment so …

Carron Rod and Case Company was born.

We went on to create Bespoke Carron rods, Bespoke leather sporting accessories but our main emphasis was on producing a new but traditional Spey line that encouraged the very best of the art Spey casting.

After many years at the forefront of research and development of fishing line design, we have been able to pinpoint the optimum performance characteristics of line profiles and advanced tapering to maximize performance, presentation and balance.

We at Carron, have rigorously pursued our commitment to produce high performance fly lines.

We have won many world Spey distance casting events and have produced World class casters with our lines.

In the development of our Jetstream range we have managed to incorporate some exceptional qualities that have set the Carron Jetstream range of lines apart from other fly line manufacturers.

The unique coating of our Jetstream lines gives the angler a supple, smooth running and memory free line that flows with ease and guarantees perfect presentation with every cast.

The angler also has the added comfort in that the extra length in the line allows him to play a fish in the knowledge that he does not have to worry about backing and knots coming adrift.

He just needs to land the fish.